Boldly Transforming Men Into Fathers

Avoid mindless consumption

Don’t be like this fat, lazy sea lion. Spend your time, money, and energy wisely!

How you view your life is reflected in your attitude.  Many Americans (pharmacists included) equate their life with what they buy (or finance).  This usually leads people to view “not spending all their money” with “not living.”  If you decide to spend less than all of your money, and share this with someone who still spends all of their money, this person may accuse you of “not living.”  Do not listen to these types of people.

Like I mentioned earlier, the most difficult part of any financial transition is the way money is thought about and spent.  Mindless consumption, while good for stockholders of the companies whose products you consume, is bad for you.  It’s doubly bad if you mindlessly consume junk food – you drain your wallet while fattening your flabby body.

Habits are powerful.  

When you create a mindless money spending habit, you rob your future self’s bank account.  If you consistently elect to spend money (even small amounts) on things that bring only slight, fleeting joy, you are doing your future self harm in two ways.  First, you are literally robbing yourself of the ability to save that money.  Second, you make yourself weaker by “needing” those slight, fleeting moments of consumer joy.  I doubt anyone has, on their deathbed, wished they bought more fast food hamburgers or spend more hours mindlessly wandering around Target.

When I discuss saving, I really mean saving that money in an investment account.  I view the money I save in my investment accounts as getting me closer to optional work.  Any time I stupidly spend my money, I am not helping my goal.  So, in addition to feeling like a weakling when I buy a venti caramel salted mocha, I feel a slight twinge of pain and regret that I just postponed my goal by about $5.  I make sure I don’t turn this event into a habit, because that would be self-sabotage (and it would also increase my dependence on luxury consumer goods, which makes me weak).

I’m not advocating living the life of a monk, what I’m trying to do is awaken you to the idea of not spending all of your money.  Become more manly by buying less luxurious shit.


-Manly Father

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