Boldly Transforming Men Into Fathers

What is this manly father thing all about, anyway?

Greetings fellow men, and welcome to Manly Father!

The world is always changing, and what defines a man does, too.  Gone are the days of the 1950’s where we need our partners to make us toast and iron our socks.  Nowadays, real men take care of themselves.  We do laundry, we wash dishes, we talk to our wives about our thoughts, and we change dirty diapers.  We can hold conversations with other men and women.  We no longer rely on grunts, nods, and hand gestures to get our points across (although certain hand gestures certainly are still very useful).  We respect our environment to ensure that we pass on the earth to our kiddos in better shape than we found it.  We learn skills unrelated to our jobs, in order to chase that elusive Renaissance man status.  We laugh heartily at the thought of paying someone else to mow our lawn (if you currently pay someone to mow your lawn, ball up your fist and drive it into your face as you dial your landscaper’s phone number to cancel that service).  We are careful with our money.  Sometimes we swear, but we try our best not to make every other word four letters long.  We recognize when we need help, and then get help.  Finally, we love our children, and strive to make their lives the best we can.

Manly Father is designed to be a resource and (eventually) an online community where we share ideas and strategies for being better men and better fathers.  All of the information on Manly Father is derived from formal research studies, published books, and expert interviews.  None of the information on Manly Father will be unsupported opinion, or dangerous “fake news.”

I’m Manly Father, and I’ll be your guide.  You can picture me as a lumberjack with a bushy beard, red flannel shirt, and Finnish wood-splitting axe who cuts through the bullshit of the world while dispensing high-quality, evidence based advice to other men looking for direction on how to navigate the forest of both manhood and fatherhood.  However, in reality, I am not a lumberjack.*

You’ll notice there are no advertisements on this site, and you’ll find that I am not trying to sell you anything.  My main interest is using my time, effort, and energy to help other people (not to sell you dumb crap you don’t need).

Welcome to the site, I just know we’re going to have some fun here while continually improving our lives!



*But I do have a beard and I do split my own wood with a Finnish wood-splitting axe.

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